Medical expert answers commonly asked questions regarding pregnant woman and the COVID-19 vaccine

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The World Health Organization recently reversed its recommendation that pregnant women not get the Moderna vaccine -- and took a similar position on the Pfizer vaccine.

That means pregnant women are now being told the vaccine is safe.

Dr. Patrick Ramsey, medical director for inpatient OB services at University Hospital and a professor with UT Health San Antonio, explained how this new insight will affect pregnant women and their babies.

The WHO recently reversed their recommendation that pregnant women not get the Moderna vaccine, and took a similar position on the Pfizer vaccine. Why is that?

“The position was based on the fact that pregnant women were not enrolled in the studies, so there isn’t data on them. However, there are so far no observed ill effects in pregnant women who have gotten the vaccine, and several organizations involved in maternal health argued to have the recommendation adjusted because the risks of COVID-19 are much higher.”

Is the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine a live virus vaccine?

“No, they are not even dead virus vaccines. They are mRNA vaccines that use a piece of the virus to teach your cells to defend against the real thing.”

What are the risks to mother and baby from COVID-19?

“For mothers, there are increased risks of severe complications. So far, luckily, we haven’t see seriously increased health risks in infants.”

Can COVID-positive mothers breastfeed?

“Yes, we encourage it when possible, the benefits are many and we work with the mothers to help them do it safely.”

What effect does the vaccine have on a woman’s fertility?

“It is a myth that the vaccine affects a woman’s fertility.”

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