Becoming a new mom soon? This group gives advice on how to select a hospital when giving birth

Mother’s Day is coming up, and Methodist Hospital | Metropolitan loves to care for San Antonio's moms, and their babies.

SAN ANTONIO – Are you going to be a new mom for Mother’s Day?

Methodist Hospital Metropolitan loves to care for San Antonio’s moms, and of course, the little babies. They take pride on being family-centered care.

If you are looking for a hospital to have your baby, the Director of the Neonatal ICU for Methodist Health, Sarah Auge, explains what makes their center stand out.

What does your hospital offer San Antonio moms?

“We offer a great women’s facility,” said Auge. “We have our own women’s pavilion that’s dedicated just for moms and babies to make the experience of having a baby, whether it’s your first or your fifth or tenth, a great experience all around for mom.”

When choosing a hospital, what are some of the really important things to consider?

“There are several things to consider. As a mom myself, I looked at it and I really wanted to have a place that was able to take care of me, should something go wrong that I can go to 24/7 and have an O.B. ready to take care of me. But also someone, somewhere, that can watch the baby and make sure that everything’s going perfect with him or her,” Auge said. “Being an ICU nurse, I always think worst-case scenario. So, I really wanted a place that could take care of the baby 24/7, and Metropolitan does that great.”

Your hospital just had a couple of recent designations. What are they and what do they mean?

“Yes, we are so excited to announce we just got our level three designation through the state,” said Auge. “What that means is that we’re able to take care of both mom and our maternal designation, and our natal designation that we are able to take care of all gestational age babies. Whether your baby is born very, very early or if your baby is sick and maybe needs some extra help in life, we’re able to take care of those babies. Also, moms do a different diagnosis, like preeclampsia or where your blood pressure is very high or diabetes or other things like that. We’re able to take care of and have the staff 24/7 to do that.”

Methodist Hospital Metropolitan is located at 1310 McCullough Avenue in San Antonio. To learn more, click here.