Advantages of going solar for your home or business this holiday season

Solar panels are silent, reliable source of energy for the household, South Texas Solar System says

South Texas Solar Systems offers a 25-year panel protection plan that services the system and also cleans the panels. The company has completed more than 900 projects since its inception in 2007. Generators are also offered by South Texas Solar Systems.

Considering making the switch to solar this holiday season?

With solar panels, you could eliminate 75% to 100% of your energy bill, plus you can save some money for Christmas gifts.

South Texas Solar Systems explained five benefits to weigh when deciding whether to choose solar energy.

1. Federal incentives and rebates.

If you decide to go solar, take advantage of the Solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC. ITC is a federal tax credit that has a system of “dollar for dollar” reduction on all income taxes.

Currently, the tax credit for all green projects is 26%. However, the situation will change in 2023, when the tax credit is expected to decrease (around 22%). In 2024, the tax credit will be 10%, and in 2025, the tax incentive will go away entirely.

South Texas Solar Systems added that there is a $0.68 per watt rebate available.

2. Limited maintenance involved.

Everyone loves appliances with low upkeep, and solar panels are no different.

“One of the best things about solar panels, in general, is that they don’t require extensive maintenance when you install them. You only need to perform yearly checkups with professionals,” said experts with South Texas Solar Systems.

3. Going green = clean energy.

Solar is clean and safe energy for the environment, so you’re helping your wallet and the planet at the same time.

“We must concentrate on saving our planet, and solar will help the reduction of carbon and other oxides that are polluting our Earth,” said Dan Moran, vice president of sales for South Texas Solar Systems. “Solar is also important in helping us consumers save money.”

4. Power reliability.

One of the crucial features of residential solar panels in Texas is that they’re a reliable source of energy for your household, according to South Texas Solar Systems.

Plus, you can count on the sun rising and setting each day. With exact meteorological and astronomical data on the sun’s movement, we can always have a rough estimate on how much solar energy panels will be able to harness in a given area, Moran said.

“If you have solar panels right now, look into the backup batteries, or look into getting generators if you don’t have anything at all,” Moran said. “Right now, look at preparing your house and getting all of it, because really, that’ll really help you.”

5. No noise pollution.

“A big advantage to solar panels is that they are silent and able to function without bothering anyone. Solar panels are also great for the environment, so you can feel good about that,” Moran said.

For those looking to go solar, CPS Energy has allocated funds for solar rebates.

The rebate incentive will be paid as follows, according to

1) Residential projects: $2,500 per project, $500 premium for projects utilizing local modules.

2) Commercial projects (updated June 21, 2019): $0.60 per AC Watt for the first 25kW, $0.40 per AC Watt for kW more than 25, and $0.10 per AC Watt premium for projects utilizing local modules.

Watch the video above to learn more about South Texas Solar Systems Christmas and see how you can prepare for any power outages, or click here.