Residents can view Bexar County draft floodplain maps ahead of adoption process

Several open houses will be held throughout the community

Residents can view Bexar County draft floodplain maps ahead of adoption process (Courtesy of SARA)

When it comes to flood safety, keeping lives, property, and the natural environment safe and secure from the devastating effects of major flooding is a top concern for the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority).

To protect the community, the River Authority uses comprehensive planning, precision protection, strategic partnerships, and community preparedness.

Along with maintaining over 40 dams and other flood control structures, the River Authority also advocates for development techniques designed to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

As a cooperating technical partner for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the River Authority is inviting the public to view the Bexar County draft floodplain maps.

San Antonio River Authority Flood Water Retention Dams (Courtesy of SARA)

The River Authority is taking the initiative in sharing these maps with the community ahead of FEMA’s formal map adoption process. These maps may be viewed online, or you may choose to attend an open house.

Attendees of the open houses will have the opportunity to look up any property of interest within the county on the draft map alongside a river authority engineer.

In addition, City of San Antonio staff and representatives from other government agencies will be available to answer questions on flood insurance, floodplain regulations, and upcoming or potential projects relating to flooding/drainage in the area.

Learn more about these maps and find a public meeting near you.