'Lebron to Spurs confirmed': Fans speculate after LeBron wishes coach Popovich happy birthday

SAN ANTONIO – It's OK to dream, right?

Spurs fans did a lot of that on Sunday after LeBron James tweeted the Twitter-less Spurs coach Gregg Popovich happy birthday wishes. 

In addition to birthday wishes, LeBron also took time to recognize Popovich as "thee best" to ever do— well, he didn't finish his thought, but we assume he meant the best to ever coach.

Spurs fans bombarded LeBron's tweet with variations of "LeBron to Spurs confirmed," and "LeBron to San Antonio confirmed."

Others tweeted images and GIFs of Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue expressing disagreement.

LeBron recently made headlines when the Cavaliers were in San Antonio. He called Popovich "one of my favorite guys ever."

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Fans speculated LeBron's love for Popovich could be enough for him to jump ship and one day play with the silver and black.