26 of the Dallas Cowboys' most famous fans

Celebrities include Selena Gomez, LeBron James, Clayton Kershaw

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As the NFL season gets underway, we thought we'd take a look at some of the more well-known Dallas Cowboys fans who have made their allegiances known.

Some of these are a bit more obvious, but perhaps we'll surprise you with one or two of these celebs on our list. And you can take solace in the fact that next time you're cursing at your TV, angry about the latest holding penalty, maybe LeBron James is right there with you -- in spirit, at least.

1.) Selena Gomez


Gomez, the singer-turned-actress and a Grand Prairie native, is known as a fan -- and she's headlined the Cowboys' Thanksgiving halftime show, as well.

2.) Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas


The Supreme Court justice said in 2014 that he's been a Cowboys fan for 25 years.

3.) Kelly Clarkson


"Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)" is a song by recording artist Kelly Clarkson, who hails from Fort Worth. "It doesn't matter where we go / Silver, blue, white, away or home / It doesn't matter who you are / You know we're comin' when you see the star," she belts about her Cowboys' signature uniforms.

4.) Former President George W. Bush


The former president, who used to own the Texas Rangers, is good friends with Jerry Jones -- and he's known as an avid Cowboys supporter. He's done the coin toss as well, alongside former first lady Laura Bush.

5.) LeBron James


King James, as they call him, will forever represent Cleveland at heart, yet he spent four years playing in Miami, and now he's with the Lakers in Los Angeles ... so, where does Dallas fit into the picture, exactly?

Actually, that's not totally clear. (But for the record, James loves the Yankees too, and Skip Bayless once called him a "bandwagon jumper". Although admittedly, that was more so because James declared Carson Wentz was his favorite player, not for James' Yankees allegiance). Regardless, there is no question James roots for America's Team, and you've got to check out this video of Rowdy pranking the NBA superstar.

6.) Eva Longoria


The actress, who grew up in Corpus Christi, has said she loves the team and the cheerleaders alike --noting that they have the best uniforms in the NFL, according to published reports.

7.) LL Cool J


When asked about his favorite sports team, LL said that it was between the Lakers and the Cowboys. Ultimately, he picked Los Angeles, but hey, the NBA is a different beast, right? Safe to say, if he's mentioning the two teams in the same sentence, he clearly rides for the 'Boys (almost) just as hard.

8.) Kate Bosworth


Y'all, Bosworth has a Dallas Cowboys drinking game. No, for real, watch the clip (from "The Tonight Show"). She's also known to take her support to Twitter, like in the following tweet: @EzekielElliott = SUPER 🌟.

Short and sweet!

9.) Rob Lowe


With no NFL teams in LA, the California-based actor cheers for Dallas. He's even been spotted at Cowboys training camp over the years.

10.) Demi Lovato


In fact, Lovato's mom was a Cowboys cheerleader, according to Sportsday Dallas.

And Demi herself is known to occasionally post pictures in Dallas gear, on social media.

11.) Jamie Foxx


The actor and singer grew up just east of Dallas, and has been spotted at the team's training camp.

12.) LeAnn Rimes


Add this country singer to the list! Rimes was outed as a Dallas fan in 2010, when she tweeted "Go Cowboys!"  She's also performed at halftime.

13.) Russell Westbrook


The NBA stud has even attended at least one game in a Cowboys jersey.

14.) Chase Crawford


Well, this one makes sense considering the actor is the brother of Candice Romo and brother-in-law of former quarterback Tony Romo.

15.) Chris Rock


Rock, who was born in South Carolina and then moved to Brooklyn, doesn't root for either of New York's NFL teams, as one might expect. Nope, instead, he loves America's Team -- go figure, huh? Look to his Twitter account for all the proof you need.

16.) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie


Christie reportedly told an elementary school classroom back in 2012 that he supports the Cowboys (over his more-local teams ... the nerve!)  Christie attended both of the Cowboys' playoff games in the 2014 season, and even sat in Jerry Jones' owner's box for a wild-card win against the Detroit Lions, SportsDay Dallas said.

17.) Jenna Fischer


It's true: "Pam" from "The Office" loves the St. Louis Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys.

For what it's worth, Fischer is from Missouri.

18.) Chris Harrison


Maybe this upcoming NFL season will be "the most DRAMATIC season yet!" (Sorry, just had to throw a taste of "Bachelor" humor in here!) Anyway, Harrison, a big Cowboys fan, has even recorded a little something for the Dallas team's Facebook page, ahead of a big game vs. Tampa Bay.

19.) Clayton Kershaw


The Cy Young-winning pitcher, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, hails from Highland Park, where he was raised tuning in for Cowboys games on Sundays, reports say.

20.) Bryce Harper


"Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys for life!" the Washington Nationals slugger has posted on social media, according to Fox Sports. He's also been photographed in a Dallas hat, so safe to say, he loves the team.

21.) Chris Paul


Did Paul really have Cowboys sheets on his bed in college? He certainly told the media that was the case. And the good news is, now that Paul plays for the Rockets, he's that much closer geographically to Dallas, so maybe he'll make it to a game or two this season.

22.) Allen Iverson


"We talkin about practice?" Or are we talking about the Cowboys? Either way, the former NBA star has said that his love for the Dallas team goes back -- way back -- as he's been a fan since the age of 5.

23.) JR Smith


Smith is a guy you want to have in your corner. Er, well, not when there are 4.7 seconds left in Game 1 vs. the Golden State Warriors and the guard thinks his team is ahead and lets time expire (any NBA fans out there?)  But either way, Smith is a noted Cowboys fan.

24.) John Daly


The pro golfer has taken part in a Dallas Cowboys charity golf event, along with tweeting out messages of support and congratulations.

25.) LaMarcus Aldridge


The Spurs power forward tweeted out this (pretty funny) meme in 2016. Oh, and he's from Dallas County, and played college ball at the University of Texas at Austin, so his fandom is all coming full circle.

26.) Maci Bookout


Bookout, who appears on MTV's "Teen Mom OG" is often shown in a Dallas jersey, alongside her husband, Taylor McKinney, who also wears one. Bookout even used a car seat cover for her daughter, Jayde, that was decked out with the Cowboys logo, per an Instagram post.

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