Dallas Cowboys will be 'driven' during 2019 season

Head coach Jason Garrett picked team's new mantra

OXNARD, Calif. – Each year before training camp begins, the Cowboys come up with a saying or mantra that will symbolize how they want to perform in camp and during the season. It has been standard operating procedure since Jason Garrett took over as head coach 10 years ago.

This year is no different.

“Driven” is the flag the Cowboys will fly in 2019.

“Yeah, I picked it,” Garrett said at his first solo press conference Saturday afternoon. “I think the best people at what they do in the world in any profession, that’s what they have inside of them. So that’s what we are trying to live out and instill in our football team.”

Players and coaches alike can be driven on so many different levels. For example, offensive lineman Travis Frederick is driven to return from a disease that could have cost him his NFL career. Tight end Jason Witten is driven to show doubters he still has gas left in the tank after one year in retirement. Garrett is driven to get his team past the divisional playoffs and into the NFC Championship game and Super Bowl for the first time in 23 years, perhaps picking up a contract extension along the way.

“I think there are degrees of driven if you reflect back on the people you know in your life,”  Garrett explained. “I think people have been successful to a degree, but then there is somebody else.  There’s somebody else that is a whole different level, and certainly that’s the level we are trying to get to.”