Cowboys QB Dak Prescott not concerned about contract, Elliott's holdout

Focused on improvement, working with teammates

OXNARD, Texas – Dak Prescott is poised to receive the contract of his life, as he gets ready to start his fourth season as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Prescott has not missed a single game in his three previous seasons, rolling up 10,876 yards and 67 touchdowns through the air in the process. The Cowboys have already made him the face of the franchise. Now they plan to pay him for it.

Thus far, there has been no formal agreement.

“It’ll happen when it happens,” said Prescott Saturday, when he addressed the media for the first time since arriving in Oxnard for training camp. “I know I’ll be better by the time the regular season starts, so that’s my focus.”

That’s when Dak pulled a "Jerry Jones." On Friday at the State of the Cowboys address, Jones claimed he did not hear a question about the future of Jason Garrett as head coach. When Prescott was asked if he would table talks if a deal isn’t reached by the time the regular season starts, he offered a similar response.

“One more time,” Dak requested. When the reporter tried to repeat the question, Dak interjected. “What did Jerry do yesterday? I didn’t hear you.”

Prescott is set to become the highest paid player in team history. Estimates currently reside somewhere north of $32 million a season. But the star quarterback maintains he doesn’t get distracted. Instead, he is placing focus on getting himself and his team better. While Prescott and wide receiver Amari Cooper are in the middle of extension talks -- both in the last year of their current contracts -- they are both still in training camp. Their teammate Ezekiel Elliott is not. The star running back is officially holding out of training camp as he tries to negotiate a new extension, despite the fact that he has two years left on his rookie contract.

Prescott made it clear that he isn't worried about Elliott. “That’s for him to handle. We know he will take care of himself. We’re not worried about him because we know wherever he is he is doing things the right way."

"He’s getting himself ready. He’s a professional.”

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