KSAT Weather: Beautiful weather for the end of the week

Hello Sunshine! Will you please stay this time?

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SAN ANTONIO – The sun comes out Thursday and will stick around Friday, but by the weekend, changes move in. 

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Thursday: The sun has arrived

While a few clouds will be around all day, the sun will shine Thursday. Depending on the clouds’ location at dawn, there’s a chance that we’ll get to see the sunrise – a premium as of late. 

Temperatures start in the mid-50s, and the air will be dry due to Wednesday night’s cold front. This means – no fog! 

By afternoon, we’ll be looking at low 70s with a gentle breeze. Thursday is really shaping up to be a beautiful day.

May the sun be with you!

Friday: Repeat

A very similar day will unfold Friday. A cool morning in the 40s will give way to a sunny afternoon with temperatures near 70 degrees.

Repeat Thursday it will.

Weekend force-cast

The weekend takes a turn to the dark side with mostly cloudy skies Saturday and a completely overcast day in the forecast for Sunday. Some drizzle and morning fog will also make an appearance this weekend.