Cool clouds over San Antonio this week provided quite a show

KSAT meteorologists explain what they are called

KSAT Connect user, SkyWatcher, captured these altocumulus clouds over San Antonio on March 2, 2022. (SkyWatcher, KSAT Connect User, KSAT)

Altocumulus clouds greeted the Alamo city yesterday and many of you took note. These are mid-level clouds and they stream overhead fairly often. If around at sunrise or sunset, they can make for a picturesque sky. Enjoy the photos submitted by KSAT viewers! If you’d like to submit a picture to the KSAT weather team, the easiest and fastest way is through KSAT Connect.


Really cool looking clouds!

San Antonio

We are here at San Fernando for Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent

San Antonio
Taylor Mcclelland

Taylor Mcclelland: This evenings AMAZING sunset had everything you could ask for.

San Antonio


These clouds over UTSA remind me of Sherpa Fleece. The entire sky was a fluffy texture this afternoon.

San Antonio

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