Residents voluntarily surrender 29 animals to ACS, including rooster, tortoises

Animals were found living in inhuman conditions, authorities said

SAN ANTONIO – Two women living in an East Side home voluntarily surrendered their 29 pets, including an endangered tortoise, to Animal Care Services Thursday, according to a news release.

The women agreed to surrender the animals in a court hearing weeks after investigators seized them from their home on Sept. 13 in the 1500 block of Avant.

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The animals were found in inhumane conditions, investigators said, living among an accumulation of waste.

Inside the home, investigators found 18 dogs, six cats, two tortoises, a rooster, a chicken and a turtle.

One of the residents, Dora Garcia, previously said it was difficult to have her animals taken away.

"The problem was, we had too many. We got attached to these dogs and it wasn't easy just to surrender them," Garcia said.

One of the tortoises is a Texas tortoise, an endangered species protected by state law, according to the news release. The tortoise will be turned over to local game wardens.

The rest of the animals will be placed in various rescues, according to the news release.

Animal cruelty charges are still pending.

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