Devices, apps help parents limit teens' distracted driving

SMARTwheel, CellControl, Focus aim to reduce distractions

The typical teen sends and receives 3,200 text messages a month.

Twenty percent of teens admit to text-messaging while behind the wheel.

It's a serious problem and it's against the law in Texas.

Law enforcement officials say it's important that parents have a conversation with their teens about putting their phones away while driving.

But there are devices parents can buy to ensure that their teen is following through.

SMARTwheel is billed as the first intelligent driving wheel cover. For $150, it tracks driving by notifying you if you've taken your hands off the wheel for an extended period of time. It also gives you real-time feedback to correct bad behaviors before an accident occurs.

CellControl costs $8 a month. It has a device that clips to the windshield and an app that alerts parents if their teen is driving recklessly. The device blocks texts, the use of apps and games and will send an automatic message to anyone who texts you.

If you'd rather not buy something, you can download a smartphone app like Focus, which reminds you to turn off your phone while driving and also sends a report card.

The iPhone also lets parents put restrictions on teens' phones while driving. You just have to go to Settings, General and Restrictions. All of these things can be used to help save a life on the road.


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