This innovative pillow will remind you how great sleep can be

Sleep more comfortably and get a full night's rest. (Doctor Pillow)

First, it was just the phones that were smart, but then it was like we blinked and our TVs, refrigerators, and entire homes were smart as well. For all that virtual intelligence, there’s one place where things have remained decidedly un-smart: the world of sleep. The world of beds. The world of pillows. That is, until now.

The Carbon SnoreX is an 8-in-1 technology pillow, available for $48.99 (51% off the standard $99), that combines Carbon Bamboo AirTech memory foam with graphene and copper to protect against all sorts of allergens and bacteria. The “ice cool” cover that surrounds it makes sure you won’t overheat in your sleep, and the dual armrests provide incredible comfort. Alright, so fine, it won’t sync with your smartphone, but would anyone really want that anyway?

One of the dangers with pillows is how quickly they fill up with dead skin cells, tiny bugs, and dust mites. It’s even suggested that if your pillow is old enough, debris could count for up to a third of its overall weight. Yikes! That kind of thing is exactly why the Carbon SnoreX comes with specially designed Carbon Bamboo charcoal that absorbs excess moisture and eliminates odor, keeping your pillow more sanitized and sweet-smelling for far longer.

If you’re struggling with acne or even “maskne,” then the SnoreX can help with that too: The cleaner environment will aid the production of collagen and give your skin the conditions it needs to recover from a harsh day.

You’ll wake up refreshed, cool, and best of all, safe from dust mites. Pick up the Carbon SnoreX for under $50 in our shop.

Prices subject to change.