This app will help you get healthier and in shape for the New Year — and it’s on sale now

Finally hit your fitness goals with the help of BetterMe.
Finally hit your fitness goals with the help of BetterMe. (BetterMe)

You’ve always wanted a personal trainer but were turned off by the price. Plus, you’re not too crazy about joining a gym right now. Here’s a thought: get quality training safely at home with help from BetterMe Home Workout & Diet just in time for your New Year’s resolutions. This app is designed to help you lose weight at home, get a personalized diet plan, track your water intake, and get helpful personal trainer advice. And with their New Year special, you can get a lifetime pass for just $39.99

To get started with BetterMe, you’ll simply answer several basic questions that will help BetterMe tailor the best diet and workout plan for you. Once you’re done setting up the app, you can start with your personalized exercises and meal plans. The meals are picked according to your preferences and are easy to make — plus you’ll be able to watch video recipes as you go.

Besides exercise and diet, you can read articles and receive daily tips and tricks to help you stick with your personalized plan and reach your goal weight. It’s more than an app — it’s like a supportive community. This app’s other amazing features include a step counter, water tracker, and yoga and walking workouts. Thanks to BetterMe, you’ll be moving more often, drinking more water (which is key for losing weight and physical performance), and eating much healthier.

Customers who have bought BetterMe are very pleased with the app and the results they’ve seen after sticking to it for a while. One happy customer says, “The workouts are really good. Saves time from getting lost while looking for the right exercise on YouTube.”

Can’t commit to a lifetime subscription? You can also get BetterMe for a one-year subscription for $19.99 or a three-year subscription for $29.99. Make 2021 the year you got in better shape, all with help from BetterMe.

Prices subject to change.