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Get your furry family member the protection they need with Lemonade (Lemonade)

They roll in the mud, hide under the bed, and sneak a bite of your sandwich when you’re not looking. But just because these furry housemates of yours have a tail and a furry snout doesn’t mean they aren’t an integral part of your family. And as such, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do for them, especially when it comes to keeping them happy and healthy.

And while pet insurance can be crucial for general treatment and emergencies, many people figure they can do without it because they assume it has high costs and that they won’t be able to understand how it works anyway.And that’s why the brilliant minds at Lemonade created an easily accessible, affordable healthcare plan for your beloved pets that ensures they stay healthy and happy in your hands.

Is Lemonade Insurance Right for Your Pet?

Whether you’re a first-time pet-owner or are new to the world of pet insurance, working with Lemonade is incredibly easy. That’s because, unlike other insurance policies out there, Lemonade is built on a completely digital substrate, so it works FAST!

Pet insurance plans cover a wide array of issues, from medications to procedures for unfortunate accidents and illnesses. You can also add on preventative care to cover things like vaccines and bloodwork that you’re probably already paying for. You can get extended care that covers vet visit fees and physical therapy too. The best part? You can control everything from your phone as Lemonade is powered by AI, making payments, claims, and more is as easy as clicking a button.

Setting up an insurance plan with Lemonade for your cat or dog isn’t a crazy-long fiasco that leaves you more confused than when you started. In fact, you can get your little furry family set up in mere seconds for as little as just $10 bucks a month (plus a 10% discount for existing users). That’s less than lunch!

What Users Are Saying About Lemonade

Lemonade was created in collaboration with pet experts to give users a seamless, easy way to protect their furry family members. And given their award winning service and nearly perfect ratings on the App Store and Google Play, Lemonade is becoming a go-to for premium pet insurance around the country. Lemonade also boasts zero-hassle, super-fast claim payment, policies that are simple, jargon-free and intuitive and live chat with medical experts on the Lemonade app. In addition, leftover money is donated to pet-centric charities you choose.

Check out some reviews from real members:

“What @Lemonade_Inc has built is pretty unbelievable. Such an amazing user experience in this “non sexy” insurance industry. Congrats to the team!” - Mickael C.

“Had an awesome experience within the last 12 months with @Lemonade_Inc. Had an awesome adjuster for a home insurance claim, renewed at a reasonable price AND just purchased a new Pet policy.” - Andrew

“This company made INSURANCE of all things fun and exciting. And then backed it up with a fantastic biz. I’m in awe of @Lemonade_Inc.” - Ann B.

While Lemonade provides top-notch pet insurance plans and services, boasting the “world’s fastest claims payment,” you may have also caught wind of their great home and life insurance plans as well. And those who are already set up with Lemonade’s home insurance can snag 10% off a new plan for their pets. It’s a win-win.

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