Stay warm and connected with these 3-touch smartphone gloves

Touch smartphone gloves allow you to easily access and use your phone while your hands stay nice and toasty. (StackCommerce)

Jacksonville isn’t always cold. But when it is, or when you’re packing for a ski trip, you want to be prepared. Add these 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves to your cold-weather collection to stay warm and connected.

Snow, sleet, and frost are no joke. It’s essential for your health and safety to be prepared and layer up when you’re somewhere with freezing temperatures.

But don’t let your layers get in the way of your life. Avoid the inconvenience of trying to tap your smartphone screen through thick gloves or needing to take a glove off in the cold just to send a text. Touch smartphone gloves like these are specially designed to avoid this, allowing you to easily access and use your phone while your hands stay nice and toasty. They’re great for long days spent outdoors and chilly mornings when you want to stay bundled up.

These gloves are equipped with three-finger touchscreen capability, meaning you can use your thumb, index, and middle fingers on each hand to type, text, and tap on your phone, smartwatch, or tablet with ease. They’re also made with third-generation silicone non-slip palm grip so your phone will stay secure in your hand.

Enjoy fashion and function with these gloves as you look good, stay warm, and can use your phone. They’re made with soft and warm material that’s both lightweight and thermal.

Wear these gloves while camping, traveling somewhere cold, or whenever else your fingers get cold. Keep a pair in the car to ensure that you’ll be safe if you ever need to wait for roadside assistance.

Usually priced at $44, these gloves are on sale for 71% off. Take advantage of this limited-time discount to get a pair of 3-Touch Smartphone Gloves for only $12.99.

Prices subject to change.