New student program at Floresville HS proven to be successful

Link Crew teams new students with upperclassmen


FLORESVILLE, Texas – For some students in the San Antonio area, summer is officially over and school districts have opened up for their first day of school.

Students at Floresville High School start classes Monday, which can be nerve-wracking for new students. But a program at Floresville hopes to make that transition as easy as possible for freshman and transfer students.

The Link Crew is a program that has been in place for several years. It pairs older students with freshmen and new students to help guide them and make the new students feel comfortable.

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Administrators said Link Crew is an important program because Floresville wants all of their students, especially the new ones, to feel comfortable. They said they believe when students are more comfortable, they are more likely to graduate and succeed.

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There are about 4,000 student in Floresville Independent School District, and the principal said the graduation rate is almost 97 percent.

Graduation has always been a priority, but it's typically been a concentration on just college Now they are also focues on getting students ready for life after high school, and that could mean going directly into the job market, the military or college.

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