12 signs that it's back-to-school time in San Antonio

2019-20 school year is in session

SAN ANTONIO – School is in session and that means changes are coming as summer ends and kids head back to the classroom.

Here's a few things you may notice in the coming weeks:

1. Traffic: Get ready to leave for work or school a little earlier. The traffic is a nightmare, especially around school districts.

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2. Friday Night Lights: We are weeks away from the start of the high school football season - get ready for pep rallies, marching bands and school spirit.

3. Don't forget school zones: Make sure to monitor the blinking school zone lights and slow down.

4. Last-minute shoppers: Department stores, the mall and H-E-B can be overcrowded with parents doing some back-to-school shopping. (Are trapper keepers still a thing?)

5. Weather: The 100-degree days will hopefully soon be over - we're counting down the days to the first cool front.

6. Banned backpacks: Many local businesses have signs up that forbid students from entering with backpacks.

7. Coffee: Parents, stock up on coffee, you're going to need it as you start getting up earlier to get kids ready and to school on time.

8. School buses: Be on the lookout for school buses - remember it is illegal to drive around them when the lights are flashing.

9. Hug a teacher: Teachers are the amazing people behind educating and caring for our children. Make sure your child's teacher knows he or she is appreciated.

10. College students: It is also time to move college students into their dorms. Parents, be strong.

11. Change of schedule at pools and theme parks: City pools, SeaWorld, Schlitterbahn and Fiesta Texas all change their schedules to weekends only.

12. GMSA: Get your day started with GMSA. We have are here to let you know all the latest news, weather and traffic before you head out the door.

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