Southwest High School welcomes students with face-lift, renovations

Staff, teachers welcome back Southwest HS students Monday

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SAN ANTONIO – Southwest High School students are stepping into a renovated school Monday morning that staff hopes will bring more opportunities for students.

The school's main building was renovated, including the lunchroom area, and a new amphitheater was built where there could be classes and presentations.

"Phase one was remodeling our (Career and Tech) area, as well as our cosmetology, (which) has a whole new cosmo center," Paul Black, principal of Southwest High School, said.

"Phase two was interior here in the main building. The mall, the academy itself, as well as the front of the building. Phase three is going to be more technology things. More upgrades in cyber technology and cybersecurity," Black said.

Students who are interested in the health profession will get hands-on experience at the new health professions academy area in the main building.

"I'm teaching medical terminology. I'm teaching professional communications for the freshmen classes and I'm teaching certification to be a personal trainer," said Liza Chapa, a health science teacher.

"If there's something out there that they think they want, they really need to visit a counselor or administrator to see what program there is on campus because here at Southwest, whether it's here at Southwest High School or our sister school at Southwest Legacy, we probably have some sort of program they can get involved," Black said.

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