Mariah Carey Surprises 'Schitt's Creek' Cast With Special Cameo During YouTube's 'Dear Class of 2020' Reunion

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Leave it to Mariah Carey to make an already epic moment even more magical! As part of YouTube's Dear Class of 2020 graduation special, the cast of Schitt's Creek reunited -- in character -- to share a special song for teachers and this year's graduating class, and got some very special help from the elusive chanteuse herself.

Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Daniel Levy and Annie Murphy -- playing their characters Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis -- all came together, via Zoom, to perform Carey's iconic tune "Hero" in honor of the teachers and students dealing with this difficult year.

To help with the tune, they were joined by many of their friends from the small town of Schitt's Creek -- including Twyla (Sarah Levy), Ronnie (Karen Robinson), David's husband Patrick (Noah Reid), Stevie (Emily Hampshire), Jocelyn (Jenn Robertson) and Ray (Rizwan Manji).

As the group crooned the tune -- led primarily by Patrick (considering that Reid is also a professional singer/musician as well as being an actor) -- they were all shocked when Carey herself crashed the Zoom chat to help sing the end of the tune.

"Moira, darling, I hope you didn't mind that I jumped in like that," Carey said, as David appeared to have a complete star-struck meltdown. "You all sounded so good that I had to get in on it."

"I think I'm having a heart attack!" David then yelled at the top of his lungs, before almost hyperventilating.

Carey then shared a heartfelt message to the students watching the Dear Class of 2020 special, and celebrated their impressive achievements, especially considering the monumental challenges facing them this year and in the future.

"To the students who had to deal with this bleak moment, congratulations on this historic accomplishment,” Carey said. "To all the students and teachers, you are so appreciated. And I just want to say, Class of 2020, you made it!"