Paris Jackson to Play Jesus: More Than 260,000 People Sign Petition to Have Film Blocked

(David Crotty/Patrick Mcmullan Via Getty Images)

More than a quarter of a million people want to stop Paris Jackson from playing Jesus. A petition started one week ago has accumulated more than 260,000 signatures in an effort to prevent distribution of the movie Habit, which also stars Bella Throne and Gavin Rossdale.

According to the press release, the film follows "a street smart, party girl with a Jesus fetish [who] gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out; by masquerading as a nun."

The petition against the film calls it " blasphemous" and "Christianophobic garbage." ET has reached out to reps for Jackson and Thorne.

In response to the petition, Thorne took to her Instagram Story to share another user's post, writing, "Because Jesus is a woman... wowowowowowo"

Bella Thorne

Additionally, singer Sia showed her support for both Jackson and the film, writing, "Dear @ParisJackson I love you, keep going. I believe you are a good person. 😊"

The petition news comes amid the release of Jackson's new Facebook Watch docuseries, Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn. In the first episode of the show, which Jackson appears in with her boyfriend, the 22-year daughter of the late Michael Jackson opened up about her sexuality.

"I thought I’d end up marrying a chick... I’ve dated more women than men, been with more chicks," she said. "The public only knows about three long-term relationships I’ve been with and they’ve been with men. The public doesn’t know about, like, most of the relationships I’ve been in."

"I say I’m gay because I guess I am, but I wouldn’t consider myself bisexual because I’ve dated more than just men and women, I’ve dated a man that had a vagina," Jackson added. "It has nothing to do what’s in your pants, it’s literally like, what are you like as a person?"

Watch the video below for more on Jackson.


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