'The Bachelor' Blog: Nick is back and looking for love ... again

Crazy first impressions fill night one

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“The Bachelor” is back and so is Nick Viall.

Before I go any further, I have to get a few things out of the way. When I first learned he would be the guy giving out the roses, I thought it was a joke. Someone really thought it would be a great idea to bring this guy back? Did they really have no other options? I was clearly not consulted about this choice.

Oh well. Nick is back and hoping fourth time's a charm. You heard me right. This is his fourth shot at love. I promise I will try and keep an open mind. I did say try, right?

He's sparked a lot of controversy for being a “bad boy” on the show, and without going into detail he definitely earned that reputation. We first met him on Andi's season of "The Bachelorette." He made it to the final two but was sent home.

Then he returned for Kaitlyn's season of "The Bachelorette" and was actually about to propose when he was sent home, again. As if all that wasn't enough, he even gave "Bachelor in Paradise" a shot. Alas, he didn't find his perfect match there either.

Yikes! Did I mention I had my doubts about this guy? I have to keep telling myself to keep an open mind. Everyone deserves love right?

Moving on to what everyone talks about after night one, the limo introductions. 

Here are some highlights: 

Most over the top introduction: Jasmine G. brought Neil Lane with her along with her top wedding ring choices. She gets an A for effort, but I can’t help but think too soon. That has to be bad luck. 

Just plain weird introduction: Josephine said, "You're a wiener in my book." Then she pulled out a hot dog from a book and they ate it, lady and the tramp style. Let's just say it was not cute.  

Most awkward introduction: Liz is a blast from the past. She and Nick had a one-night stand. After saying hi she didn't think he remembered her. Even though Nick tried to keep his cool, it was clear he knew exactly who she was. Can you say awkward?

Other crazy moments:

Alexis, an aspiring dolphin trainer, deserves her own section. She walked out of the limo in a shark costume, or is it a dolphin? The verdict is still out on that one. Either way, she wore it all night like a champ and for better or worse she made an impression. Even though she got a rose at the end of the night, I don’t think she’ll be around very long.

The rest of the evening can be summed up with lots of talking, lots of alcohol, some tears, some kissing, more talking and more alcohol. Yep. I think that about says it all. Oh and Rachel, the attorney from Dallas, got the first impression rose. 

Here are my top five picks this season:

Danielle L. - Nail salon owner 

Danielle M. - Neonatal nurse 

Vanessa - Special-needs teacher 

Rachel - Attorney  

Raven - Fashion boutique owner 

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