Heifers and Homework: AgCalfe at SA Rodeo great place for students to do classwork

New AgCalfe available for students at SA Stock Show and Rodeo

SAN ANTONIO – One of the main objectives of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is to support the education of students all across Texas, mainly by giving away scholarships and grant money.  

Thousands of students who have worked from dawn till dusk raising animals to show come to San Antonio every year. 

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They spend hours a day preparing to show those animals, all the while trying to find time and some room to get their homework done since they missing school. 

"Often times you see them hunkered down in the seats, they have their books, their bags and everything else," said Amy Dieta, who is the agricultural teacher at Stony Point High School in Round Rock. 

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For the first time the Rodeo is providing a large space for the students to spread out and do their studies. 

It is located on the second floor of the show barn. 

Not surprisingly, it is called Ag Calfe. There is a large black curtain to separate the students from all the noise and commotion downstairs along with long tables, a copier and a whiteboard. There is also plenty of room for them to spread out and get their studies done.  

"When you come up here, you can kind of clear your mind and focus on school, the academic aspect of it," said Troy Zambrano, a Stony Point senior.  

Killian Grawe, who is from New Waverly and is home-schooled, loves the space since she no longer has to deal with distraction from noises and people to her animal. 

"You might have heard about dogs eating homework, but my heifer has eaten my homework before," Grawe said. “It's not that fun when you do all you homework and it's all on computer and she is trying to eat your computer and cords and it just not a good situation." 

The students are literally sitting right next to their animals so it's not a stretch to think the animal might want to take a bite out of something different. 

"You can actually focus on things that are important," Grawe said. Just another example of how the Rodeo is emphasizing education. 

"You can't take care of business in the barn unless you take care of business in the classroom, so this does a great job of merging those two together," Dieta said.

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