Talk show hosts poke fun at San Antonio Zoo’s name a cockroach, rat after your ex event

Jim Rome says ‘the bar has been raised’

San Antonio Zoo (San Antonio Zoo)

The San Antonio Zoo’s first-ever “Cry Me a Cockroach” event may seem like a genius idea to those recently burned by romance, and national media is thinking the same.

The event allows those who are mending a broken heart (or simply wanting to mock a former partner) to name a cockroach after an ex for $5, and the insect will then be fed to animals at the zoo.

For those really feeling the anger, they can feed the venom to a reptile with a $25 pre-frozen rodent.

Want to get back at your ex on Valentine’s Day? SA Zoo can help!

The light-hearted promotion has caught the attention of talk show hosts and national media for its quirks.

Sports radio talk show host Jim Rome said this Valentine’s Day could actually “be one of the best” days, even for those dreading the holiday, because of the event.

“And every other zoo in the world, step your game up because you’re all looking up at the San Antonio Zoo and their livestream,” he said. “The bar has been raised.”

One listener wrote to Rome and joked they were going to start a campaign to buy all the roaches and name them after a man in Buffalo, N.Y.

Stephen Colbert also gave the zoo a shoutout from his desk at “The Late Show."

“By the way, naming a cockroach after your ex and watching it get devoured is the perfect way to say, ‘Screw you, Stacy,’ and also, 'You clearly made the right choice, Stacy," the funnyman said.

Trevor Noah with “The Daily Show” joked that those following through with the naming “deserve to get dumped.”

Good Morning America,” CNN and “CBS This Morning” also picked up on the promotion.

The feeding frenzy will be livestreamed on Valentine’s Day and roaches and rats can now be purchased online. The promotion closes at 6 p.m. on Friday.

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