Whatasize your Christmas decorations with inflatable Santa

Santa cup inflatable is nearly 8-feet tall

If you’re dreaming of a white (and orange) Christmas, Whataburger has the decoration for you.

On Tuesday morning, Whataburger put out an inflatable Santa Claus decoration coming out of a Whataburger cup. The inflatable spans 7-and-a-half feet, according to the San Antonio-based restaurant chain

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The decoration is ideal for holiday yard art, and can complement Whataburger’s orange beanie and scarf set.

The inflatable is sold for $85.99 on Whataburger’s online store.

That’s not the only Christmas gift Whataburger has planned, though.

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The restaurant teased to another “big holiday announcement” coming next week in a news release. What will they think of next?

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