Looking to freshen up your beauty routine? Try lemons and limes

It doesn't get much fresher than fresh fruit

Limes (Lisa Fotios/Pexels stock image)

So many of us already have in place a beauty routine that just works. But here’s something that everyone should start doing -- and all it involves is a trip to your nearest grocery store.

That’s right, as you can probably tell from this video, you’re going to want some citrus.

Citrus and acid, which can be found in lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit (to name just a few) have tons of beauty benefits that you probably didn’t know about, and StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan is here to explain.

From rubbing these sweet and sour fruits on your elbows to fight dry skin to freshening up your face with cucumber and citrus wipes, there are ton of things you can do.

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