Genius or crazy? New gaming console claims it will keep your food warm while you play

KFConsole (KFC Gaming Twitter)

In case you’ve always dreamed of having a warm snack nearby while you’re gaming, it sounds like that could become a reality.

KFC has released a gaming console that claims it will also keep your food warm.

KFC teased the reveal months ago, and it was finally released Tuesday: the KFConsole.

If you’re thinking this is a joke, well, we’re not really sure. On a Cooler Master Technology website for the console, it’s introduced: “Forged from the fires of the KFC ovens and built by Cooler Master from the ground up, there has never been a tastier way to experience the latest titles in stunning 4k, 240fps.”

In what Cooler Master and KFC Gaming call a “world first,” the console claims to keep chicken warm in the “chicken chamber” while providing a device that “runs buttery smooth, keeping tearing and frame drop a thing of the past.”

How in the world does that even work?

Apparently, by using the system’s natural heat and airflow system, according to the website.

And in case you didn’t notice, the console kind of represents a KFC bucket of chicken.

This isn’t the first strange business venture for KFC. The company teamed up with Lifetime for a holiday mini-movie, “A Recipe for Seduction,” starring Mario Lopez as a hunky Colonel Sanders.

But back to the gaming console.

One blog asked the following (important) questions, which we’d like to echo: “Will (this) be a promotional item sent only to press as a publicity stunt and given away in a contest? Will it be on sale for an even more limited time than new batches of PlayStation stock? Or, perhaps the most improbable suggestion, does KFC see gaming as an actual business venture worth pursuing? Whatever the case, it will certainly go down in history as one of the strangest ways that a company ever attempted to get the public to eat fried chicken.”