These were the top baby names of 2021

Baby. (Image by Pixabay from Pexels.)

If you welcomed a new bundle of joy in 2021, you likely did a little research whilst attempting to pick your favorite name.

While there were a few minor changes to the top 10 girls names, compared to 2020, the list remained quite similar.

However, there were a few new additions to the top 10 boys names.

The following were the most popular baby names this year, according to Baby Center:

Top 20 girl namesTop 20 boy names
1. Olivia1. Liam
2. Emma2. Noah
3. Amelia3. Oliver
4. Ava4. Elijah
5. Sophia5. Lucas
6. Charlotte6. Levi
7. Isabella7. Mason
8. Mia8. Asher
9. Luna9. James
10. Harper10. Ethan
11. Gianna11. Mateo
12. Evelyn12. Leo
13. Aria13. Jack
14. Ella14. Benjamin
15. Ellie15. Aiden
16. Mila16. Logan
17. Layla17. Grayson
18. Avery18. Jackson
19. Camila19. Henry
20. Lily20. Wyatt

Did your baby’s name make the list? To see a complete ranking of the top 100 names, click or tap here.

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