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  • Breaking News Alerts - Get hand-picked alerts as breaking news happens.
  • Things To Do - Find events, festivals and hidden gems in San Antonio and surrounding areas.
  • Daily Forecast - KSAT meteorologists keep you on top of the ever-changing South Texas weather.
  • Spurs - Get the latest updates, videos and analysis on-and-off the court, and from the locker room with our Spurs newsletter.
  • KSAT Defenders - Hard-hitting investigations from the KSAT Defenders delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Good Morning San Antonio - Get a jump on the day each morning with GMSA anchors Mark Austin and Stephanie Serna.
  • Lunchtime Look - A snapshot of the biggest stories happening at noon each day.
  • Contests - Free food, concert tickets, exclusive deals and more.
  • KSAT Explains - Get smart, in-depth local reporting each week and an inside look at how the episode came together.
  • Coronavirus update - Get briefings from local leaders, the latest numbers, new information on closures and reopenings and more.
  • KSAT Kids - Giving teachers and parents a free tool for virtually teaching young students through engaging and age-appropriate videos.
  • Open Court - KSAT journalist Erica Hernandez takes you inside the courtroom to tell the most interesting stories in the South Texas criminal justice system.
  • SAQ - KSAT anchors Steve Spriester and Myra Arthur interview local experts each weekday at 6 p.m. to answer your most pressing questions. Get them all in one weekly email.
  • Whatever the Weather - In this video podcast, KSAT Meteorologists Kaiti Blake and Sarah Spivey go beyond the daily forecast to explain weather phenomena in depth – from tornadoes and freezing rain to climate change.
  • Big Game Coverage - Get local high school sports scores, schedules, previews, highlights and exclusive content from KSAT 12.
  • Rush Hour Rundown - Wrap up the workday with the biggest stories of the afternoon.
  • Evening Headlines - A summary of the most important stories of the day sent at 8 p.m. each weekday.
  • 12 On Your Side - KSAT’s weekly consumer round-up providing information that can better your life by award-winning journalist Marilyn Moritz.
  • Elections - Hand-picked election coverage aimed at helping voters better understand the election, candidates, issues and implications.
  • Back To School - Each year, we’ll launch this newsletter in August to bring you the latest information on school schedules, policies and other news and resources.
  • Fiesta - Pop-up newsletter sent daily during Fiesta and occasionally throughout the year.
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Kolten Parker is digital executive producer at KSAT. Previously, he worked at the San Antonio Express-News and the Texas Observer.