#5YearOldSelfie has to be the purest, most beautiful social media movement

Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay.

Mental health is a highly discussed topic right now. And while it is on the forefront of our minds now, really, it’s always an important topic. That’s why a United Kingdom-based mental health group called Young Minds started a trend on social media last year in hopes of promoting self-love, reminding us that we are important, we matter and we are good enough. We think this is a movement worth pushing again.

"We all have negative thoughts sometimes and tell ourselves unkind things," members of the group said in a video on its Twitter page. "But how we speak to ourselves affects who we believe we are ... Be kind to yourself with #5YearOldSelfie — you deserve it!"

The group began the movement with a simple tweet, and it began taking the internet by storm in all the best ways.

"When we feel good about ourselves it’s easy to deal with life’s challenges," members of the group said in a video. "So when you’re feeling low, try taking a moment to picture yourself aged 5 years old and tell that inner child everything they need to hear."

The responses flooded in, and most of them are clearly things we should all be reminding ourselves from time to time.

We can’t seem to get enough of these #5YearOldSelfies, so we must ask: What would your three pieces of advice to your 5-year-old self be? And can we please start this movement again?