Did you experience any out-of-the-ordinary side effects from your COVID vaccine?

Have you gotten your COVID shot yet? (Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels)

It’s becoming easier and easier to find an available COVID-19 vaccine, which for many, comes as a relief following a tough past year or so.

If you received your vaccine, you were probably made aware of some of the side effects that often accompany one or both of the shots: perhaps a mild headache, some chills or body aches, a slight fever, a sore arm, fatigue or nausea.

Some people are known to experience mild and brief side effects.

Other people don’t experience these at all.

Side effects, by the way, are normal signs that the body is building protection against illness from COVID-19, doctors and medical experts have said.

Now, this next question is for anyone who has received one or both doses of the COVID vaccine: Did you experience any side effects that you didn’t expect, or ones you’d never heard of?

For example, I barely noticed a change in my health at all, with the only exception being, after shot No. 2, my arm was a little sore (and only for a few hours). But then at some point I realized, “My mouth tastes kind of metallic.” I remember thinking, huh? Could it be connected to the vaccine? Is this just made up in my head? Did I eat something funny?

And for the next day or so, I continued Googling, and as it turns out, I might not be crazy after all. Check this out: Metal taste side effect reported after Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination

That was totally it. (And I did get Pfizer, by the way). My mouth tasted like pennies. The sensation even gave my coffee a strange flavor -- although it was just temporary, and went away after probably 24 hours.

So now I’ll ask you: Did you experience anything like this? I had read about tiredness, flu-like symptoms and nausea. NOT penny-mouth. I’d love to hear if you have a similar story.

Thank you!