Oldest hotel in Texas haunted by ghosts of past guests

A Haunting in South Texas - The Magnolia Hotel


SEGUIN, Texas – KSAT 12’s Erica Hernandez and Adrian Garcia are again going inside the most haunted places in South Texas this Halloween season.

To kick off the series, they first visited the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin.

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Built in 1840, the hotel has seen many guests throughout the years and some are said to still haunt the place.

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Jim and Erin Ghedi bought the building a few years ago and have since been restoring it. Many of the items found inside are the original items from the hotel when it first opened.

Since taking over, Erin Ghedi said they have seen many ghosts and have the pictures to prove it.

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Erica - “It was a quiet night in Seguin when we visited the hotel and immediately we started hearing things. While Erin was talking about the murderer William Faust, we started to hear knocking or stomping right above us. The sound was coming from the room Faust stayed in before being arrested for murder.”

Adrian - “The entire second floor of the building has no air conditioning. While up there we came across several cold spots and the odor of a strong perfume. In one room, we heard whistling from the apparent ghost name Charlie, who committed suicide inside the hotel.”

EXPLORE: Hear the whistle of Charlie the ghost and video of a shadow moving in an upstairs window 

Something has been heard or seen in almost every room of the hotel, which just proves that many of the guests never checked out.

If you want to visit the Magnolia Hotel, it is open for tours on the weekend. On Halloween, a haunted house will be created inside. Click here for details.

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Check out KSAT's A Haunting in South Texas section featuring more frightening stories in the area.

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