Would you stay overnight? Haunted Seguin hotel will soon allow visitors to stay

Recent updates to old haunted Magnolia Hotel

SEGUIN, Texas – Two years ago, Magnolia Hotel in Seguin was featured in "A Haunting in South Texas," and since then, more renovations have been done.

In fact, the entire first floor is complete to it's original late-1800s style.

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Upstairs, there is now a suite consisting of two rooms and a bathroom.

This recent upgrade will soon be available as an Airbnb option in early 2019.

The suite is near an area of the hotel that is prone to a lot of paranormal activity.

Because of that, the owners, Jim Ghedi and Erin Wallace, have yet to stay overnight in the new upgrades.

Recently, Erin Wallace released a book, "The Mysteries of the Magnolia Hotel." In it, she tells of her findings abiyt some of the people who have stayed in the hotel.

One of them was Wilhem Faust, who was convicted of murdering a little girl in New Braunfels and later killed while in jail.

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Erin Wallace discovered he hadn't been the actual killer and that another man, M.D. Devers, had confessed years later.

Both of those men stayed at the hotel, and the actual killer stayed in the room next to the new suite. 

The hotel will be open the weekend before Halloween. 

This open house is free and everyone is welcome. 

For more information about the Magnolia Hotel, click here.

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