KSAT crew survives overnight stay inside haunted hospital

'A Haunting in South Texas': Yorktown Memorial Hospital

YORKTOWN, Texas – In 2015, A Haunting in South Texas went inside what some call one of the most haunted places in South Texas: Yorktown Memorial Hospital.

During the visit, toys unexpectedly turned on and footsteps and voices could be heard echoing through its empty hallways.

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This year, KSAT.com's Erica Hernandez and Adrian Garcia returned, but decided to stay the entire night accompanied by the San Antonio Paranormal Investigators.

The night started with some interesting activity. Several in the group kept seeing light anomalies in an upstairs window when nobody was there. 

The room that lights were coming from belonged to one of the nuns who worked in the hospital when it was open. 

Upon further investigation that room was the only place anywhere in the building that had the strong odor of church incense. 

During the first part of the night an audio recorder was left in the chapel by itself for awhile. The recording appeared to capture what sounded like a choir.

The most interesting part of the night came in the maternity area, in a room with old toys. 

SAPI member smade several attempts to get any spirit to communicate, but it took a song to get the EMF reader to pick up some activity.

Despite a somewhat quiet night, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital in our opinion is haunted and if you decide to visit, don't go alone.

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