Have you visited any of these haunted locations in San Antonio?

21 of the most haunted places in SA

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SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio is a place with 300 years of history, and remnants of the past will often lead to ghost stories.

The city is filled with places that are reportedly haunted. 

Here's a list of 21 places that you may or may not know that have had reported paranormal activity.

Menger Hotel: The hotel was built right near the Alamo and opened Feb. 1, 1859. Many guests have reported seeing ghosts during their visits. The most notable spirit many claim to see is that of Sallie White. Sallie was a maid at the hotel and allegedly died there.The story is that Sallie's husband attacked her and she later died from the injuries.

Hot Wells Ruins: This resort opened in 1894 in an area that was previously an Indian burial ground and an asylum. It was a booming business with many celebrities visiting and movies being shot at the resort. After a couple of fires over the years, the ruins is all that stands from the original hotel and is apparently haunted by several ghosts, including a woman many have said they can see in one of the remaining windows that is boarded shut. 

Victoria Black Swan Inn: The house sits on the land were the Battle of Salado was fought between Texas and Mexico. It was originally built in 1867 and has had many high-profile owners since then. The current owner has experienced paranormal activity on a regular basis. 

Spanish Governor's Palace: Built around 1749, this place is one of the oldest in the city and haunted. For many years, people have claimed to see the spirits of Indians and Spanish colonials. There is also a hanging tree from which apparently more than 30 criminals were hanged. 

Comanche Lookout ParkThe park, located off Nacogdoches Road, was once home to Apache and Comanche Indians. Even though you aren't supposed to be at the park, some say you can see the apparitions of Indians and even hear the beat of drums. 

The Alamo: The story of The Alamo speaks for itself and is what some say the most haunted place in the city. Many workers have seen the spirits of soldiers in the building and can hear their footsteps.

Alamo Street Theater: This place was originally a Methodist Church built around 1912. Since then, it has been a theater and restaurant, most recently Franks. Those who enter or have worked here have almost always said they witnessed paranormal activity or spirits, including one of a child named Eddie.

Institute of Texan Cultures: Employees over the years have heard and seen paranormal activity inside the museum. Several overnight security guards have suddenly quit because of getting spooked. Many believe the artifacts in the museum have spirits attached to them.

Huebner-Onion Homestead: The frontier home was used as a stagecoach stop and many travelers came through to rest or stay. The owner, Joseph Huebner died an unusual death at the home. He was buried toward the back of the property and allegedly can still be seen around the property.

Emily Morgan Hotel: The building was first a medical arts building before transforming into a hotel in 1984. Some call this hotel the most haunted in the state. Most paranormal activity has been reported on the 7th, 9th and 14th floor. Guests have also reported the elevators having a mind of their own.

Wonderland of the Americas: It used to be Crossroads Mall and for years many have said it is haunted. There are rumors a worker was killed by a service elevator and some claim they felt like they were being watched while roaming through the mall.

Grey Moss Inn: While just outside of San Antonio in Helotes, this restaurant is still worth mentioning. It opened in 1929 by owner Mary Howell. There are reports of Mary's apparition being spotted in the main dining hall on numerous occasions and employees have seen things move, including silverware being thrown around. 

Alamodome: Not many people know that this place has been reported haunted. There are many rumors about the land it is built on and apparently a construction worker died while it was being built. To this day, workers will say they have experienced something paranormal inside.

San Fernando Cathedral: Built in the mid 1700s, the cathedral is the oldest church in the state. During its early days, parishioners and priests were buried in the walls of the church, which was a common practice. It's not known what or who haunts the cathedral but many have seen paranormal activity in and around the church.

Majestic Theatre: It is the second largest theatre in the United States and opened its doors in 1929. There have been plenty reports of spirits roaming the theatre, including one of a magician who had a regular show at the theatre. 

Milam Park: The park is apparently the site of an old cemetery. The bodies were moved when the city decided to build a park in its place. Some believe that not all the bodies were removed and you can sometimes see the spirits walking around the area.

El Camaroncito: Some will argue that this is just a legend, but others believe it actually happened. This was a nightclub on Old Highway 90. The story is that a woman thought she was dancing with a very handsome young man, but when she looked down she shrieked in horror because his feet were actually goat hooves. The man dashed away, never to be seen again. Some say the woman danced with the devil himself. 

St. Anthony Hotel: The first luxury hotel in the state opened in the early 1900s. While nobody knows the spirits are the identity of the spirits that roam the halls, guests have reportedly seen a lady in red. Also, a man who committed a gruesome murder at the Gunter Hotel was found staying at the St. Anthony. When police arrived to arrest him, he committed suicide. Housekeepers now report getting a strange feeling when on the fifth floor and near the room where the incident took place.

Gunter Hotel: Since we mention the St. Anthony Hotel we have to add the Gunter Hotel to this list. It has been a hotel since 1837 and many paranormal enthusiasts know of the murder in room 636. While there was never a body found, blood was found all over the room and police believe the suspect had dismembered the body of a woman. Beside this gruesome story, other spirits have been seen haunting this hotel. 

Terrell Castle (as known as Lambermont): This 12,000-square-foot building is a sight to see. Built in the 1900s, it is believed some deaths and murders occurred inside. Guests and workers have had their share of things happen to them and have often reported paranormal activity.

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Cadillac Bar: This bar has a lot of history that dates back to the 19th century. One reported spirit that haunts it is a former employee named Beatrice, who is not very kind. It's also believed the bar was built on top of a burial ground. The basement at one point was sealed off to keep the spirits trapped inside. There are many other haunting stories that have come out of this building.

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