‘Share the Shoes’ collection drive receives 2,070 shoes for Zapatos

Zapatos is still accepting donations online for ‘Share the Shoes’

SAN ANTONIO – This holiday season, KSAT Community held its annual ‘Share the Shoes’ drive with SAPD substations to benefit Zapatos, Inc.

With help from the community of San Antonio, 2,070 shoes were collected for children on all ages.

“We have approximately 2,070 shoes that have been donated, it was double of what we did last year,” said SAPD Officer Doug Greene.

Vans and police cars were being loaded up this morning throughout San Antonio to help distribute the shoes to the six SAPD substations.

A special shout out goes to Ancira for donating $1,000 towards ‘Share the Shoes’ this year.

“As a mom of two elementary school kids, I have seen first hand how fast their tiny feet grow and how they absolutely obliterate their shoes in only weeks from daily kid activities such as running, kicking rocks, and burying them under rocks on the playground,” said April Ancira, vice president of Ancira Auto Group. “Knowing how difficult it is for me to keep up with my own children’s need for footwear, I can only imagine how many are fairing right now in the middle of COVID. No child should be burdened by the shoes on their feet and no family should have to decide between shoes and dinner. Which is why Ancira, a family operated company, had to be a part of the solution.”

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With the help from Shoe Carnival, SAPD and Zapatos, Inc. were allowed to visit the store and buy shoes with the money collected from the campaign at 30% off.

“It just tells you how much I love this city,” Officer Greene said. “Just great people here and when hard times come, everybody steps up and we are so grateful for them and we are so grateful to KSAT.”

To learn more about Zapatos, click or tap here.

KSAT Community operates in partnership with University Health, Energy Transfer and Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union.