4 misconceptions and truths over summer pool safety

Watching your child in the water is your responsibility

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SAN ANTONIO – Parents, do you have a young child at home?

University Health with Safe Kids has provided four misconceptions to review regarding summer pool safety.

Even if your child knows how to swim, it’s essential you or a guardian has eyes on them when they are in the pool.

Misconception: Nearly half of the parents surveyed think that if a child was drowning nearby, they would hear it.

Reality: Drowning is silent. There can be very little splashing, waving or yelling.

Misconception: 1 out of 3 parents have left a child alone in a pool for two or more minutes.

Reality: Drowning is quick. Once a child begins to struggle, you may have less than a minute to react.

Misconception: More than half of parents surveyed think that when present, a lifeguard is the primary person responsible for their child’s supervision at the pool.

Reality: Watching your child in the water is your responsibility. A lifeguard’s job is to enforce rules, scan, rescue and resuscitate.

Misconception: 60% of parents surveyed would not worry as much about drowning if their child has had swim lessons.

Reality: Swim lessons are essential, but skill level varies. A review of children who drowned in a pool revealed that 47% of 10-17 year old reportedly knew how to swim.

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