HEB Backyard Kitchen Chefs


The hosts of the H-E-B Backyard Kitchen are Charlotte Samuel and Scott Tompkins. 

You can see them every Thursday at 7:20 a.m.


Chef Charlotte Samuel, MS
H-E-B Culinary Nutritionist

Good food delights the palate with the perfect amount of seasoning, personality and charm.

Coincidentally, the same can be said for Chef Charlotte, H-E-B's Culinary Nutritionist.

When she isn't tempting your taste buds with her cooking videos on heb.com, she's busy in the H-E-B Test Kitchen creating healthy and delicious recipes that go from the prep counter to the dinner table in practically no time.

Much like her culinary creations, Charlotte's philosophy is simple: healthy meals don't have to be expensive or bland. Eating well is all about finding the right balance between smart nutrition and great taste. Which is why she takes a good, better, best approach to her recipes so you have the freedom to choose the ones that are right for you.

Charlotte is a native Texan and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University and received her Master’s in Nutrition from Texas State.

Her professional experience ranges from fine dining cuisine to cooking with kids.

Look for her online at heb.com/recipes and be sure to try her recipes featured in My H-E-B Texas Life magazine.


Chef Scott Tompkins
H-E-B Senior Recipe Developer

Though originally a Texas native, Scott's culinary journey started over 10 years ago in Los Angeles.

After attending culinary school in L.A., he worked in some top restaurants in L.A., Austin and San Antonio, like Cecconi's, La Condesa, and the late, great Campanile (to name a few).

Scott now does everything from recipe design and testing to product development at H-E-B. He also does Culinary training in stores with H-E-B Showtime Partners.

Scotts culinary philosophy and passion reflects the growing trend towards a healthier and down-to-earth lifestyle.

Scott writes recipes that allow the natural flavors of food to express themselves.