SA inventor appears on ABC's 'Shark Tank'

Mark Sullivan has designed more than 1,000 inventions

A San Antonio inventor is getting his 15 minutes of fame Friday night as he make's an appearance on the ABC TV show "Shark Tank."

Inventor Mark Sullivan was chosen from over 24,000 applicants to pitch his idea.

He said he's hoping the experience will help him develop not only this idea, but hundreds of his other inventions.

He also admitted he's not used to the spotlight.

"I had my product and my invention and (I) presented," he said. "You'll have to watch the show to see what happened."

On the show, Sullivan will be introduced to a panel of five wealthy business people -- or "sharks" -- in order to pitch his patented electric generator, which he says can harness energy from the spin of the earth to create electricity..

"Basically, it takes in salt water, turns it into a hurricane, (which) powers electric generators to delivers fresh water," he said.

The electric generator is not Sullivan's first invention. Before he was selected to go on Shark Tank, he designed and brought to life more than a thousand inventions.

"I invent medical devices, wound management, catheter stints," he said.

From biomedical devices for cosmetic surgery and cardiology to dentistry equipment, Sullivan says he can design it all -- he's just hoping the sharks will back him up.

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