Hacker claims he shut down NISD website twice

Hacker protests microchip ID cards

SAN ANTONIO – A hacker who claimed he shut down the Northside Independent School District's website Saturday, said he disabled the site once again Sunday.

"tr1xxyAnon" said he hacked into NISD.net in protest of the district's new "smart" IDs – microchipped ID cards that can track a student's whereabouts.

Andrea Hernandez was reassigned to Taft High School, her home campus, for refusing to wear the ID, claiming it violated her right to religious freedom. A judge ruled in her favor and Hernandez returned to John Jay Science Academy pending a court hearing on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the school district confirmed that multiple attempts were made to breach the website's security system, but said those attempts were unsuccessful. District officials believe Saturday's alleged hack was a hoax.

But KSAT 12 contacted "tr1xxyAnon" Sunday via Twitter and asked him to prove that he disabled the website. In a twitter message he said he would shutdown the site temporarily.

A few minutes later multiple attempts to log on to NISD.net were unsuccessful.

The hacker later sent another message saying that he would put the site back online. Soon after, attempts to access the site were successful.

In an online letter "tr1xxyAnon" demanded district officials meet with the parents of each student to discuss the "smart" ID program.

"If you still want to do this tracking idea on the students, at least have a meeting with each and every students parents, so they know what is going on," he wrote.

The letter gives NISD one to three days to comply. If they do not "tr1xxyAnon" said he would shutdown the website again.

"I want you to confirm you have had this meeting too as proof," he wrote. "If you do not hold this meeting and nothing happens, I will simply shut down your website, like I did last time. I hope you think carefully about what I have said."

In a twitter exchange with KSAT 12 "tr1xxyAnon" would only identify himself as a 16-year-old male. He said he is acting alone and is not affiliated with the worldwide internet hacker organization "Anonymous."