Volunteers host final community cleanup of Camelot II

Neighbors, volunteers pick up more than 40 tons of trash


An area in Northeast Bexar County, for years trashed out and forgotten, is looking a lot better now.

On Saturday, volunteers and residents held a final organized cleanup of the Camelot II area and they got a lot of extra help.

Mary Ornelas, who lives in the area, said she heard people working outside at about 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, so she rushed to help.

"We saw these people out here working hard and my grandkids wanted to join," said Ornelas. "So, I told them, "Let's go out there and help them out."

Ornelas was not alone, a lot of her neighbors were also inspired to help Saturday morning by working alongside dozens of volunteers, who showed for the final community cleanup.

"I think everybody needs to know that no matter what neighborhood we live in, we still have to have a neighborhood sense of mind," said Barbara Johnson, a volunteer. "So, therefore if we need help in one area, it is best that we help."

Many of Saturday's volunteers have worked to clean Camelot II before. Big Homie Inc. has hosted several organized clean-ups in the past, but on Saturday they had the help of some heavy equipment from Tiger Sanitation, as well as support from Bexar County officials, the Camelot Fire Department and the Bexar County Sheriff's Department.

"I'm at a loss for words," said Micheaux Braddy, an organizer with Big Homie Inc. "Because I did promise you that we were going to get this done, but I didn't realize that we would get it done so quickly and with such force and so much support."

By the end of the day, volunteers picked up more than 40 tons of trash.

"I hope that everybody just takes the initiative to come together and continue to keep the neighborhood clean," said Kenneth Thomas, President of Big Homie Inc.

Some residents on Saturday blame the initial trash problem to the fact that there was no regular trash pickups outside the city limits.

However Representative Ruth Jones McClendon has filed a bill that would the allow the city and the county to step in.

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