Firefighters battle blaze at Atlas Pallet Company

San Antonio firefighters battle 3 multiple alarm fires in 24 hours


SAN ANTONIO – The triple-digit temperatures are bad enough. Now add flames and smoke to that and you are in the world of a San Antonio firefighter.

In the past 24 hours, firefighters have had to stand up to that scenario in a big way at least three times.

The fire at Atlas Pallet Company was one of three multiple alarm fires in the late night and overnight hours.

It was also one of the toughest battles firefighters faced.

Firefighters who arrived around 12:30 a.m. Saturday at first noticed only a couple of small fires around the warehouse, but they soon saw the ball of fire that had once been a pile of pallets inside the Atlas Pallet Company yard.

The business has had some large fires in the past, so firefighters said they were pretty familiar with the property.

Arson investigators were called in to look for the cause but the owner told KSAT-12 he has his suspicions, because there was nothing in that area that could've started the fire on its own.

The owner estimated that he lost about 10,000 pallets.

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