Food fight breaks out at San Antonio Whataburger after football game

NISD students from Brandeis could face suspension


SAN ANTONIO – Dozens of Northside ISD students could soon be suspended or even face criminal charges for starting a wild food fight at a Northwest San Antonio Whataburger.

The food fight, which was caught on cellphone Instagram video, took place after a football game Saturday night between O'Connor and Brandeis high schools.

Brandeis had defeated O'Connor 12-10 earlier in the night. The video was a only a few seconds long, but it shows how things got out of hand quickly.

The 10-second video clip showed everything from drinks to trays thrown inside the What-a-burger on Loop 1604 and Bandera. Some kids screamed, others ducked for cover.

KSAT was first alerted to the story through Twitter. Some of the comments we found included, "Really, O'Connor and Brandeis students? Like really? Starting a food fight at What-a-burger? Are y'all for real?"

Another comment read, "Whataburger had the place set up all cute for us, balloons, streamers, banners, etc. And look what we did. We messed it up."

"Campus administrators will review videos to identify students who will face appropriate consequences including suspension from school," said Pascual Gonazale, a spokesman for NISD, in a statement to KSAT. "NISD will also cooperate with law enforcement and restaurant management in pursuing criminal charges if warranted."

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