'Jackass' stunt draws national attention to San Antonio River Walk

Performer Steve-O does back-flip off Commerce Street bridge

The San Antonio River Walk has hit the national spotlight again -- this time for an impromptu jump off the Commerce Street bridge by Steve-O, of the MTV show "Jackass."

Steve-O pulled off the stunt -- performing a "gainer," or back-flip off the 30-foot-high bridge -- last week while he was in town performing at a local comedy club.

When visitors to the Alamo City were shown the video of the jump, many said they were stunned.

"That is absolutely nuts," said Mike Tipton, from Oklahoma.

Some visitors who viewed the jump said they were surprised that he wasn't hurt when they found out the water is only four feet deep.

"I got a fright," said Helena Wali, from Germany. "I got scared."

Steve-O was not hurt but he did blame the city for the fact he could have been injured.

He posted on his Facebook page, "They've given no indication that people shouldn't jump, and done nothing to warn anyone about the serious dangers of that shallow water. (It was) very irresponsible, indeed."

He said he thought the city needed to post signs warning people not to jump.

Residents and visitors agreed, thought, that common sense prevails.

"It's common sense not to jump in the river," said Beverly Beltran, who works at the Maria Mia restaurant, right next to the bridge where the jump took place.

"People don't really come down here to jump," said Quella Handy, a San Antonio resident.

It is against the law to jump into the river. Doing so can lead to a misdemeanor charge and a $500 fine.

The San Antonio Police Department issued this statement about the incident: "We are looking into the incident to determine the appropriate course of action."

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