AACOG board fires executive director

Dean Danos had been suspended

The Alamo Council of Governments Board of Directors voted unanimously Monday to terminate suspended Executive Director Dean Danos and to accept the resignation of suspended Deputy Executive Director Michael Quinn.

Neither was offered severance pay.

Both were suspended because of a questionable relationship with TriHM Foundation and its leader, Jackie Cooper.

AACOG, under the direction of Danos and Quinn, renovated office space for TriHM and anticipated the foundation would pay rent and bring in millions of dollars in grant money.

Neither happened.

AACOG Board Chair Kevin Wolff said it was clear the action had to be taken.

"The actions of AACOG today are certainly warranted," Wolff said. "Sad but warranted. I believe a lot of these things certainly started out with the right intent and then got out of hand as time went on."

Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson is also on the AACOG Board.

"Dean Danos is one heck of a fine gentleman who erred in the opinion of this body," Adkisson said. "I think everybody's got a heavy heart. I think he was doing a great job but obviously he got tripped up on this thing."

Danos went out with class, praising AACOG's staff and even its board before he headed to the parking lot.

"They have a superior board, a superb board and I wish them and I hope to hear from them soon about the good things they do," Danos said. "Thank you."

He refused to answer questions about the allegations of wrongdoing.

And for the first time today details were revealed that show the extent of what happened.

"AACOG was taken in by a scam," Wolff said. "The lease was signed with a company that didn't exist. We had received checks for both rent and improvements written by Jackie Cooper to AACOG that were never deposited."

Those checks were found to be worthless.

AACOG will continue its investigation into what happened and will also begin a search for a new executive director.

Recently there was a bit of fallout from the disruption at AACOG.

Twenty-four employees worked for an AACOG affiliate that had a contract with Workforce Solutions Alamo.

The affiliate lost that contract because of the uncertainties at the agency.

However, those employees are finding jobs with the new entity taking over.

Here are documents released in conjunction with Monday's AACOG action.