Palm Heights Park receives upgrades

New half basketball court, picnic area, game tables, playground equipment


City officials and area residents celebrated improvements to Palm Heights Park Wednesday.

A ribbon-cutting was held at the South Side park to introduce the public to its new features, which include a half basketball court, a picnic area, game tables, and playground equipment.

"By adding more sport amenities to Palm Heights, we're not only encouraging District 5 residents to enjoy this park, we're also encouraging them to make their health a priority," District 5 City Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales said. "Now every resident will be able to work out, either at the basketball courts, the ball field or even exercise their minds at the new game tables."

The project, funded with $500,000 from the 2012-2017 Bond Program, also added new parallel parking along Gladys Street, along with walkways and signs. The ball field received a new backstop, infield, and outfield. The existing ball courts were resurfaced while the playground received an electrical upgrade. And the community center received sound dampeners and a new marquee.

"We were really able to leverage our Bond funds to make several improvements to Palm Heights Park that will be impactful for residents," said Mike Frisbie, City Engineer and Director of Transportation & Capital Improvements.

"Palm Heights Park is a great example of how we connect the park to the neighborhood and vice versa," added Parks and Recreation Director Xavier Urrutia. "With the entire range of fitness options now available to the neighborhood, we are helping them to reach their health and wellness goals."

The Palm Heights Park project was managed by Transportation and Capital Improvements on behalf of the Parks and Recreation Department. The design by Bender Wells Clark was constructed by Amstar, Inc.

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