SA Furniture Bank may be forced to close

San Antonio Furniture Bank helps residents of Wedgwood

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Furniture Bank is at risk of shutting their doors due to lack of funding and monetary donations.

The small charity was founded three years ago by Beth Webster Wright, and has helped hundreds of families throughout the San Antonio area.

Most recently, the nonprofit held a furniture donation drive for the victims of the Wedgwood Senior Living Apartments.

"I just saw the tremendous need, and I just saw a tremendous waste of furniture out there that could be used and given to people in need," said Wright.  "It's hard because people don't really understand what a furniture bank does, first of all.  And people don't necessarily see furniture as an essential need, they see it as a luxury. But if you and your children are sleeping on the floor, we see it as a basic need."

Wright said the charity gets plenty of furniture donations from the community, but does not get enough volunteers or financial support to see the charity succeed.

With warehouse costs, vehicle maintenance and delivery costs running about $10,000 a month, Wright says the nonprofit can only survive about another month.

"Our goal is to give people hope, get them off the floor, and give them hope and we really hope we can continue to do that in San Antonio," Wright said.

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