Pearl chef brings consistency, jobs to San Antonio

Chef Spotlight: Chef Andrew Weissman

SAN ANTONIO – Chef Andrew Weissman didn't always want to become a chef.

Weissman's love for food began while working as a journalist in Mexico City right out of college.

"They had a kitchen in the news bureau and instead of covering stories I was more interested in cooking," said Weissman.

He would eventually come back to his hometown of San Antonio and then set off to New York to begin his culinary career.

After spending time in France and then the east coast, Weissman again decided it was time to bring his talents back to the Alamo City.

His first restaurant Le Reve was a big hit, and he would later open the first full service restaurant at the Pearl, Il Sogno Osteria.

Now with several restaurants and over 120 employees, Weissman is looking forward to expanding and bringing in even more employees.

One of the main philosophies that he pushes on all his employees and restaurants is consistency.

"It's all about consistency and offering the guests an unparalleled experience but letting them know that when they come today they can expect that kind of food and service the next time they come."

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