Uber officially leaves San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO – It's April 1, and if you're inside the city limits of San Antonio that means you cannot use the ride-share service, Uber.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) Executive Director Gloria Vasquez said that means one less option when it comes to keeping drunk drivers off the road.

"We're very disappointed that Uber is leaving San Antonio," said Vasquez. "Our top priority at MADD is safety, and so we feel that if you are an adult of legal drinking age, you should have as many options as possible to get home safely if you decide to engage in an activity that includes alcohol."

While Uber is still available for pick-ups in surrounding cities like Castle Hills, if you try to pull up the Uber App within the San Antonio city limits, it will not work.

Vasquez said there are other options like taxis, public transportation or designated drivers, but she said they are hoping that that the city will reconsider working with Uber.

"MADD has supported Uber in the past," said Vasquez. "We sent a letter from our national office to the mayor and City Council members urging them to reconsider the original decision about the ordinance so, hopefully we will have a different outcome."

About the Author:

Stephanie Serna is a weekday anchor on Good Morning San Antonio and GMSA at 9 a.m. She joined the KSAT 12 News team in November 2009 as a general assignments reporter.