Medina Lake drawing summer crowds once again

Lake at 75 percent capacity, highest in several years


MEDINA LAKE, Texas – Summer is in full effect and families are once again enjoying Medina Lake.

"A lot of boats, a lot of fishing. That's good for me and my friends. We love to eat fish and love to have fun on boats," lake visitor Gabriel Aguayo said Sunday.

The lake is at 75 percent capacity. That's the highest it's been in recent years.

"Medina Lake is closer to home and so now that the water is up, we figure we come out here instead of Canyon Lake," said Robert Rodriguez, who was enjoying the lake Sunday with his family.

In April, the lake was reduced to just over three percent capacity, leaving it with virtually no water.

"Two weeks before the big storms hit, we actually rode in here with our four-wheelers and came right around that cove. (That's) a big difference two weeks made of solid rain," Aguayo said.

Many had begun to visit other lakes, fearing Medina Lake would never recover.

"To be honest, I hadn't given it much thought. I had kind of signed off Medina Lake for a while, Rodriguez said.

That mindset is beginning to change, though. Aguayo said you can see it in the number of people visiting and the businesses near the lake.

"We do a lot of hunting here in the winter, but in the summer, a lot of these businesses they rely on the summer lake business. And they didn't have it for two or three years. Now that they've got it back, you're starting to see a lot more growth in the community, a lot more store fronts opening up," Aguayo said.